Canning, Freezing, Drying Harvesting, Cold Storage

The Produce Preservation Program offers fun, hands on workshops and resources to teach people how to safely preserve home grown and locally available fruits and vegetables for year round enjoyment.


With the growing public interest in healthy food and local food systems there are many resources available to people interested in learning about how to grow, preserve and sell locally produced and processed foods. This section includes links to materials developed through the Produce Preservation Program – including Produce Preservation Workshop Guides, “how to” videos as well as links to other helpful resources. Please let us know if there are other resources that should be included in this section. Send your suggestions to

10 Steps to Starting your Food Processing Business

Provides detailed information on planning, setting up, and operating a food processing business. Includes extensive list of food industry resources.

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Interior Health Resources - Storing Fruits and Vegetables and more

Check out great info at:  Interior Health Website

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National Centre for Home Food Preservation

The National Center for Home Food Preservation is your source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation. (American)

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Indigenous Food Trade, Share and Barter & Minookum

Facebook Groups

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Food Drying with an Attitude

By Mary T. Bell.  A fun and fabulous guide to creating snacks, meals and crafts.

Recommended by Victoria Trainer, Lindsay Kearns

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Step by Step Guides

Food Preservation Demonstrations and Workshops take a lot of planning and preparation.

Step by Step guides are provided to help you get underway!

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Health Canada Information on Home Canning

Health Canada provides important safety information for home canning.  Check out the link below.

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Workshop Checklist

It takes a lot of organization and an amazing memory to put on a food preservation workshop.  Below is a link to a pretty long list of stuff that you may need to run a 3-4 day workshop.  If you want an editable copy email me at


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Canning Fish and Meat References

Helpful guides on how to safely can meat and fish.

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This website provides information on where to find produce and how to process it.

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