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The Produce Preservation Program offers fun, hands on workshops and resources to teach people how to safely preserve home grown and locally available fruits and vegetables for year round enjoyment.

Tips and Techniques 2014 #2 - Apricots and Swiss Chard

July 31, 2014
Tips and Techniques 2014 #2 - Apricots and Swiss Chard

Fresh Rainbow Chard in the Garden

Our latest newsletter is out!  Food Preservation Tips and Techniques  2014 #2  - Apricots and Swiss Chard is available at link below. 

July brings delicious apricots like these at a friend’s farm in Kelowna!  Apricots can be dried, frozen or canned for all year enjoyment.  Canned apricots on ice cream or with cereal is a great way to enjoy summer all over again.
ApricotsWhile most recipes for canning fruit call for adding sugar or syrup, sugar is not needed to prevent spoilage. Preserving without sugar will 


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